As the name implies, Iceland is its country of origin, Brought over by the Viking settlers in the mid-800s it is a man-made breed; a mixture of breeds and cross-breeds from Scandinavian and European countries. This breed has been isolated for about one thousand years and is therefore considered unique and one of the world’s purest breeds.

They are considered small but very strong for their size because of their unique bone density. They can carry roughly one-third of their own weigh at four-years-of age.
The weight of a fully grown horse, by the age of seven, is between 300 and 400 kg with a height of between 130 and 145 cm. They can live up to 40 years but we only ride them up to the age of 30.

In summer their coats are short and shiny, but in the winter, their coats grow thick, long and shaggy and you would love hugging them, just like your own teddy-bear !
All of them grow a long beard and some kind of ½winter-boots½ at the lower part of the legs, as the hoofs get covered with long hair. These days there is a large variety in colour, with more than 40 different colours.

They prefer a cooler atmosphere, love the winter and ½Mrcina½ranch in Bohinj is an ideal environment, with its moderate summer temperature and its cool, fresh alpine climate.
Icelandic horses are known for their special gaits. Apart from walk, trot, gallop and canter, Icelandic horses are able to tölt and some can pace or amble.

They are very social, ½family life½ is in there blood, being alone for a long periods can even lead to illness. They like to have company and a wide outdoor living space; there is no bad weather for them. The endless fields of Iceland are written in the genes of Icelandic horses and though living outside all the time, they are very seldom disturbed or afraid. That is an important factor for riding outside where you need a hardy, sure-footed ½friend½. Combined with a gentle, friendly disposition and calm manner the Icelandic horse is well suited for both beginners and more experienced riders.

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